AnthropoTopia - Earth as Condominium for 10 Billion
AnthropoTopia  - Earth as Condominium for 10 Billion


Our Vision: Earth a viable place for 10 billion humans, polar bears and coral reefs

Our Model: Earth a condominium for humanity(peoples), animals and plants

Our Work:   Design Team for 10Billion-Condominium


What beautiful world mankind could have if it would consider Earth as condominium for people, rather than as battlefield of nations or empires, and as condominium of humans, animals and plants?

As long as nations consider Earth as their battlefield, global commons of humans, animals and plants will be destroyed, Mankind security will be sacrificed for national securiity of a few nations. In particular there will be no climate security agreement.

In the Anthropocene humanity will make its future by itself: by design or disaster!

Can humanity in a global condominium mode, in place of current battlefield mode,

  1. change the nation states behavior  from rivals to partners?

  2. provide energy for water, food and civilization for 10 billion people?

  3. provide stability of climate and of natural living conditions for 10 billion people?

We are convinced: when the nations would play together, and when they would use the resources, spent now for weapons and warfare against each other, for building a world for the coming 10 billion people, humanity would be able to build a viable world for all on this planet. Otherwise it will continue to destroy its livelihhod on planet Earth.

Design workshop for Earth as living space for 10 billion people, polar bears and coral reefs.

You would like to learn more about us and our project ? If you like or appreciate what we plan to do, and if you would like to support it or to contribute, then look into this web site!

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